Blue Newt

Home Grown Newtonian Telescope

+110 dbi Parabolic Antenna for 1 Million GHz

(You what?!)

I have to say I'm slightly bitter that a search for "blue newt" has this at number three whilst I'm stuck at number five! *sigh*

That's right! You too can make your own Newtonian telescope! Just like this proud individual to the right. This person who I'm sure is just an ordinary member of the public and not any sort of Physics genius.

Its a Blue Newtonian telescope! Geddit?

Here's the science bit! Click for more detail.
Newtonian Telescope Diagram

Great Orion Nebula

This is what you could see with your home-made Newtonian Telescope! Probably not though...

Blue Newt mark out of 10
9 With that pun how can you go wrong?