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Todays Comic Sunday , September 23 , 2001

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September 18, 2001

Another terrible dots cartoon. Woohoo...

September 17, 2001

A new Fish comic today, but then you've already seen it if you've come all the way down to here.

September 6, 2001

Hello, and welcome to The Blue Newt, that's right The Blue Newt, your one stop site for those of you who don't want to look at anything that is of any benefit to society.

Its nice to be on keenspace, I've spent all night working on my site to get it configured so I hope you like it!

September 4, 2001

Fish is a Max Payne tribute. Great game!

August 29, 2001

I've just had great fun updating my PC, you're now reading the website of the owner of an 1.4GHz Athlon...  The speed! 
Now I'm off to watch Seinfeld, hehe... that Kramer...

August 9, 2001

Dots updated! They're round, they're black, they're dots!
Other Blue Newts now has how to build a Newtonian Telescope!! Be excited!

About a million years ago

"Baby's got a brand new URL!" (That's if brand new means about a year ago) If anyone out there has book marked this site (anyone?) they could change it to if they wanted to. If you're using IE 5.x as I am unfortunately, you'll also get a cute little icon next to your bookmark! (if its working)

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