This is my page for general links to some fantastic sites that are out there evolving!

Or is that Pokemon?.....

Banners of those who actually like my site for some reason! (only one for the moment)

The Jesus Forum A very funny site indeed. Eddie Izzard: Official site! He truly is the king of stand-up.
Sausages Have Wings My sisters site, now brilliantly revamped by yours truly! But never updated. Home of the Underdogs A site full of old games that are no longer for sale, there are some classics up here. Get sensible soccer!
Real Life Comics A great online comic, the name says it all. Purple Sensi Best Sensible Soccer page out there. Go there now! My mentor site, a vastly improved Blue Newt. Digitiser Everyone's favourite teletext page only online..... and lacking in content, ho hum.....
Overclocked Very funny emulation comic site, if you don't like emulation, kind of pointless. Vintage Gaming If you like emulation then this is the site for you, if not then don't bother
P Evertīs HomePage A childish joke you'd think, but no. Actually a site about Swedish scenery, funny name though.  Welcome to Winter. A simply stunning comic.  I really wish I could draw 1/100 as well. - Home of Angst Technology Another great comic about a software company, plus a paintball comic thrown in! Funny Farm Hilarious if weird comic where animals seem to live amongst humans and no one notices, not to mention sentient computers, I don't quite get it...
Residence Life - Let The Wacky High Jinks Ensue Great comic set in Uni Dorms. Welcome to David Icke's Website ~ The king loony himself, compulsory viewing!
The Divine Comedy- Official Site And what an excellent band they are. Calvin and Hobbes Simply the greatest comic strip ever!